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The Emergency Show Digital Series has been designed to bring together individuals from a wide range of sectors to discuss the important topics surrounding emergency services. 

We cannot come together during the global pandemic but this will not stop us from discussing the issues of today that shape the international agenda. Even in these times we will aim to connect voices all around the globe in our mission to leave no one behind. 

The Emergency Show digital series will champion cross-sector dialogue that brings forward innovative thinking and solutions, giving our audiences the chance to hear from the world leaders and decision makers. 

Please see below for all of our digital series content, including webinars.

The effects of pandemic on society, first responders and mental health

Date and Time: Thursday, December 17 at 3 PM GMT

Description: Aside from the immediate stresses and tragedy caused by the pandemic, the pernicious effects of Covid-19 have permeated throughout society, whether relational, social, occupational or financial and have led to increased anxiety, depression, intimate partner violence, substance abuse and isolation. This webinar will provide both an insight into the problem, as well as practical advice for those on the frontlines.

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Small Businesses, SMEs and crisis preparedness

Date and Time: Thursday, November 12 at 3PM BST

Description:  This webinar considers the role of SMEs, entrepreneurs, and microbusinesses, which are often overlooked and unacknowledged as the backbone of economies and societies. We will be exploring the less comfortable areas such as human factors, operating with unknown landscapes and reputation, as well as providing practical advice on decision-making, security, cyber threats, and emergency management.

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Multi-agency emergency management response

Date and Time: Wednesday, July 29 at 3PM BST

Description: The COVID Pandemic has shown that we need to encourage a cross-sector, multidisciplinary dialogue in order to share knowledge and experience between all disciplines involved, before, during or after a crisis or disaster. As such, we wish to develop further understanding on a local and global basis in order to achieve a more secure and equitable planet for all.

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